The pandemic hit. So hard actually that majority of people were left picking up the pieces. In fact, still are. Let’s talk about Dental health and the pandemic. With coronavirus infections on the rise, one might definitely be skeptical about issues like visiting the dentist’s office. “Is visiting the dentist during covid 19 safe?” you may ask.
Is it safe for me to go for dental checkups while in the middle of a whole pandemic? At a time when all airwaves are of messages like stay home if you can, maintain social distance, clean surfaces often, you may be totally worried about going to the dentist after all.
Coronavirus, the virus that causes Covid 19 spreads through respiratory droplets when someone coughs and sneezes. Breathing in these droplets, especially from an infected person can definitely make you infected as well
Before scheduling an appointment, ask yourself;

Is the dentist’s office safe?

You come into contact with germs everywhere. Even around your house. Amidst the craziness and confusion of the pandemic, health workers and everyone generally know the guidelines towards protecting ourselves from infections. This is what the staff at the dentist’s office should do according to

  1. Ensure tools and surfaces are often disinfected.
  2. Clean or replace tools that have already been used or touched.
  3. Wear protective gear. In fact, the majority of healthcare workers have resorted to wearing more protective gear e.g. 2 masks,2 gloves, etc.
  4. Space out appointments to avoid overcrowding at the facility

This is what your dentist and/office staff should do to ensure your safety as their patient.

  1. Apart from the above, for the dentist to ensure he or she is safe:
  2. They are allowed to ask about your health; how are you generally? Any colds any cases of flu?
  3. The dentist can ask you to limit the number of people to accompany you to the appointment.
  4. They can ask patients to wait outside the office till it is their turn.
  5. Ensure proper space out of seats in the waiting ay so as to observe social distance.
  6. Encourage observation of Covid 19 regulations as per The Ministry of Health; Wear your mask, sanitize.
  7. The office staff can also ensure the unavailability of things that people touch while at the waiting bay. For instance, magazines, toys, pens, cards, etc.

In conclusion, Covid 19 should not make you shy away from attending to all other aspects of your life as far as overall health is concerned. All you need to do is ensure to observe all the necessary measures to keep you, your family, and the people around you safe. However, if you do not get an honest answer to the question “Is visiting the dentist during Covid 19 safe?” well, that dental check-up can wait.
Especially if it is not an emergency.