The fear of going to a dentist is known as Dentophobia/odontophobia.
Dental health is definitely one of the most important of our overall health. However, even with this in mind, a majority of us dread dental visits. If you think children are the only ones afraid of dentists, you are wrong. As a matter of fact, you will be surprised at the number of grown-ups that are afraid of visits to the dentist.
Fear of doctors (Iatrophobia), and fear of needles (trypan phobia) are related to Dentophobia.
See, it runs deeper than just what we all think. This is according to


Here are a few reasons for Dental phobia. Fear of the dentist, fear of pain, embarrassment, and invasion of personal space, fear of numbness and gagging, etc.
Fear of the Dentist:
Most times doctors are perceived as cold, sadistic, insensitive and so much more. We all have perceptions about practitioners in different fields. Mostly informed by previous experiences
Fear of pain
This fear mostly sprouts from a past experience that turned out painful and unbearable making you cringe when you think of another visit. However, if this is any consolation, there have been very many technological developments within the health sector.
Before gum injection, for instance, the dentist first uses a numbing spray. This way, by the time the doctor injects the gum, you are already too numb to feel the prick.

Fear of needles
If you have a phobia of needles and injections, you are more likely to hate those appointments.
Embarrassment and loss of personal space.
Most people dread dental visits for the mere fact that they feel like it is embarrassing. Just sitting there, mouth open, and the dentist up on your face with a floodlight. This is so real that some people actually experience panic attacks.
Numbness or gagging
You might worry that you will be unable to breathe or swallow.
Sounds in the dentist’s office.
Have you ever been to the dentist’s office during an ongoing root canal procedure? Ever heard the sound of that drill? Better still, have you ever heard people scream while you waited your turn on the waiting bay? How did you feel? Like going back home right? Actually, this stops quite a number of people from getting dental help.

One of the best ways to overcome dental anxiety or fear is by sharing what you feel. In fact, good communication between you and your dentist can help you feel more comfortable.

If you are anxious about your next dental visit, try the following techniques; Insights shared by

How well do you know The Dentist?
First of all, how well do you know your dentist? Have you looked him up? How are his reviews? As opposed to simply winging it, you will be calmer if you have the doctor’s wow factors in mind.
Share your fears.
Tell your dentist what you feel. Expressing your concerns will help your dentist adapt the treatment to your needs. Therefore, ensure to speak up and let them know.

Focus on breathing regularly and slowly during dental procedures.
When nervous, many people subconsciously hold their breath. This might cause feelings of panic due to a decrease in oxygen levels. Hence, try regular breathing.
If the sound in the room makes you nervous, listen to some tunes.
If the soul can be healed by music your anxiety is no exception. Put on some blasting music and relax.
What did you have before the procedure? Watch what you drink and/or eat

  1. Avoid – caffeine, sugary foods
  2. Eat – foods high in protein. These produce a calming effect

Your time of appointment matters.
The best time is when not much is happening around the hospital. Consequently, you can take all the time you require and you will not feel like you are wasting the doctor’s time.
Ask a friend or a loved one to accompany you during your appointment.
This will make it easier. Moreover,
You will be calmer knowing that you have a familiar face around.

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